About Us

"Dream Big... Achieve Big... Live a luxurious life in this abode of pride..."

Our vision is to become premier and reputed builders in the industry. The challenges and the struggles we faced over the years, have strengthened our foundation and enabled us to look forward and embrace changes as they materialize and find berth among the Top notch Builders in Chennai.
The way forward is clear. Our experience has firmly taught us that a customer centric approach will lead us towards greater success in our business. The quality management of CC will continue to advance to keep up with the demands of a promising but demanding, market-led future.
Our targets are maximized to Middle class segment, where the demands are for ever. Our team is fully prepared to take up fresh challenges and contribute its very best every step of the way.

Yours Sincerely,
Chelliah Arumugam,
Managing Director,
CC Builders Private Ltd.